Truck Cap

Let StateWide Windows  help in your efforts to produce the best truck caps on the market by providing you with our top quality, state-of-the-art windows and doors. Our 34 years of industry experience along with constant innovations and product improvements ensure you of receiving windows and doors that will fit all current truck models. Each one of the skirts for our all-glass doors is custom contoured to exactly match the truck's tailgate. Combine these doors with our sleek and innovative bonded all-glass side windows and you add an impressive contemporary look to any truck cap.

1a-bonded-vent-window.jpg 2a-premier-bonded-door-w-st.jpg 3a-premier-bonded-door-w-sw.jpg 4a-radius-1.5-slider.jpg
Bonded Vent Window Premier Bonded Door with Strap-hinge and Push-button Lock Premier Bonded Door with Swing-hinges and 2 "T" Handles Radius 1/2 Slider
5a-radius-1.33-slider-windo.jpg 6a-radius-side-access-door.jpg 7a-radius-front-picture-win.jpg 8a-radius-front-slider-w-si.jpg
Radius 1/3 Slider Window Radius Side-access Door Radius Front Picture Window Radius Front Slider with single slide
9a-radius-front-slider-w-do.jpg 10a-ez-drop-down-radius-fro.jpg 11a-ez-drop-down-radius-fro.jpg 12a-radius-door-w-2T-handle.jpg
Radius Front Slider with
double slide
EZ Drop Down Radius Picture Window (front view) EZ Drop Down Radius Front Slider (front view) Radius Door with 2 "T" handles
13a-radius-door-w-single-T-.jpg 14a-mitered-trapezoid-door.jpg 15a-mitered-full-glass-door.jpg 16a-mitered-front-single-sl.jpg
Radius Door with single "T" handle Mitered Trapezoid Door Mitered Full Glass Door Mitered Front Slider